They are lovers of photography and realize that it's one of the most important things for their wedding day.

They understand it's the only element, besides their love and memories, that truly lasts afterwards, and how powerful these images are at transporting them back.

They have hearts of gold and are down to earth.

They have amazing style - very personalized and curated - and know what they want.

But they aren't overly fussy and an errant flower in their bouquet won't ruin their wedding day. After all, this day is about something SO much more important, and they realize that.

They are timeless and chic, but they aren't afraid to be bold or
try something different for their wedding aesthetic.

They are kind and grateful.

They value the relationships with the ones they love and these are always at the center of their wedding day vision.

Marrying their love is what excites them the most about their day.

They love a good outdoor ceremony.

They appreciate the use of natural light and are drawn to images with that soft glow.

They appreciate the tangible - prints, albums, and the like. While they love getting their digital images, they know nothing compares to holding prints or an album of their wedding day in their hands.